Sunday, September 24, 2006


I was at Peet's awaiting my morning cup and decided to browse the shelves. Toting my bag of citrus bread (fancy name for lemon pound cake), I turned my attention to the cute coffee and tea accoutrements. I picked up a mug. It felt good in the hands. Then I picked up a packet of coffee filters I'd not seen before. Before I knew it, the whole display of coffee filters was sliding off the shelf. Hanging onto my breakfast with one hand, I managed to stop the cascade of paper with the other. Disaster averted. I turned towards an unfamiliar tea brewing gizmo. As soon as I picked up the tea filter it disengaged from the mug and I nearly dropped the whole contraption on the floor. At this point my order appeared, as if the barista knew I was on the verge of dismembering the store. Too bad I ordered decaf.


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