Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pies of a Different Sort

Too lazy to trek to Grimaldi's, this trip brought a visit to Lombardi's Pizza where we sampled a simple combination of basil and mozzarella. A very fine pizza, but something in my pizza memory likes Grimaldi's better. The sauce here tasted a little too processed and the saltiness of the mozzarella was a tad distracting. Still, it's didn't stop us from polishing off the the entire pizza and a salad (to make our meal ostensibly "healthy").

Next up, tuna pizza at Morimoto. Thick slides of tuna layered on a thin cracker crust, all crisscrossed with what seemed to be wasabi creme fraiche. This "signature dish" was as good as advertised (and yes, I heard the advertisement many times while on hold for the reservationist). Marketing does work!


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