Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fauxberry Tourism

Four days, three shops. Sadly it's been several months since the Pinkberry control tasting, but I did stumble upon Harmony yogurt mere days after my Pinkberry experience, so I'm using that as my comparison. None of the local flavors has that special Pinkberry zing, but in a pinch, I'd visit Harmony for a tangy frozen treat. I tasted the plain yogurt flavor at each locale to be fair.

Harmony (San Carlos) - It's cold like pinkberry, smooth, and yogurty without being artificial. The shop is also pleasingly clean. I happened upon this while driving to a meeting, did a double take, and then stopped for a snack. I'm starting to like it plain without any fruit toppings. Thumbs up.

(Palo Alto) - I didn't love the extra sweet note in this yogurt.

(Berkeley) - It starts with an exceedingly tart note and ends with lemon. Not my favorite.


Blogger Kate Diamond said...

Wow. You impress me. Lately I've been eating anything that's quick. Taste and health really don't enter into it... teach me the ways, E!

12:50 AM  

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