Wednesday, September 12, 2007


...was delightful. I finished the pint quickly. Smooth, creamy, and not unnatural tasting. I think I'm still a bigger fan of the Laloo FroYo version, but the Strauss Creamery ice cream was quite good. Their ice creams are uniformly creamy, which is not surprising considering the maker. I used to adore their dutch chocolate flavor, but wasn't able to locate it at the store on my recent visit, so picked up coffee instead. Big mistake. It was cloyingly sweet and probably one of my least favorite ice creams tasted in what has become of summer ice cream marathon.

Another not so great pint was the Choctal Pure Costa Rican Chocolate. It's like frozen chocolate ganache, which may suit some people, but it was too rich in my books, and I wasn't particularly fond of the chocolate flavor. I might have been persuaded to give another one of their chocolate flavors a try, but because the texture was not too my liking, I think I'll pass on further Choctal tastings.


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