Saturday, March 01, 2008

Churros y Chocolate

Fried donut-like objects + chocolate puddingy drink = lovely sugary snack masquerading as breakfast. In truth, I only had churros and chocolate for breakfast once. It would accurate to say that my breakfast was followed by an hour of being terrifically hyper and then a major sugar crash.

The best churros ever were the ones we found by mistake during our first day in Barcelona. Wandering through (aka completely lost within) the gothic quarter, K and I came upon a churreria that served freshly fried churros generously doused in sugar. Unlike the American version of sporting arena and Costco fame, these churros were smaller and without cinnamon and it was easy to eat four or five at a time. We shared a cone's worth as we continued down more alleyways, lost but amused, and fortified by our snack. And when we finished, the thought occurred to us, "how will we ever find the churreria again?" We had a photo, but alas no address. We tried to retrace our steps without success and finally reconciled ourselves to never finding the shop again...until we happened upon it the next day (lost once again). This time, we made a plan for how to return.

And return we did.


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