Friday, December 21, 2007

E is for España (or how I planned a vacation)

Spain is a fairly large county. Ten days of vacation meant there was no way I'd see everything if I wanted to have leisurely meals and plenty of time to get lost around town. So what to do? Sitting at the travel agent's desk, the question became, "Do you want to explore northern or southern Spain." Hmmm. According to my very unscientific survey, food in the north is more exciting. And that's why I'll be spending time in Basque country. After I'd booked my flight, I realized that one of the region's famed dishes is bacalao, whose main ingredient is salt cod. Did I mention that I actively dislike salt cod? Maybe it's different in España. I can only hope.

I have yet to plan any sightseeing. I know there are museums. I shall probably visit a few. At the top of my list, the
Museo del Jamón in Madrid. What an eating vacation this shall be!


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