Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nerding Out

Thomas Keller and Harold McGee on stage together? Indeed.

In honor of Chef Keller's new book, Under Pressure, he did a talk and signing. Harold McGee, himself an author of a nerdy kitchen book that I adore, was there to introduce Chef. I was in such a tizzy that I forgot to bring along my own copy of On Food and Cooking for an autograph. But wait, since when do I care about autographs?

When it's rock stars of the food world.

Do I ever have plans to cook sous vide? No. But someone else does, so I dutifully stood in line clutching the giant picture pretty technical tome which makes a much better gift when personally signed by the author. So I stood in line. And stood in line some more, And finally it was my turn. Out of nowhere a bookstore employee said she'd take photos of fans with Chef Keller if they gave her their cameras. Hello camera phone! I've never been so glad to have one. My Christmas card this year, if I ever get around to sending it, is gonna rock.


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