Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Morning Run

Grandma serves serious breakfasts. Cookies (no cake this year), sandwiches, tea, fruit, more cookies, and moon cake (new addition this year). In my effort to skip breakfast one morning during my stay with Grandma, and perhaps in an effort to combat the copious amounts of eating I'd being been doing for some time, I decided to go for a run (by which I mean jog) this morning. I timed it perfectly. I slept in until 9:30, which meant an hour's run would leave me with just enough time to get ready for lunch. Therefore, no breakfast.

I jogged for all of three blocks before I realized it was an impossible task. And that what I really wanted was a coffee. So I had my coffee, and walked (briskly since I'd spent too long reading the newspaper) back to Grandma's, where I found her waiting for me with breakfast still on the table. I tried to reason that were were going out for lunch soon. That didn't work. Apparently there's no way to outrun a meal.


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