Sunday, September 17, 2006

Oh the excitement!

I just got myself a plane ticket for a little winter holiday with one of my favorite people around...which means I can get serious about my list of NYC eats, just now upgraded from "Eats in Theory" to "Eats in December."

My trip last year culminated in a day where I really did have about six meals. How did this happen? Too little time and too many things to try. I think if I give this a little (or a lot of) thought, I could manage to not exceed three meals and a generous snack on any given day. Here's what I have so far - feel free to chime in with your favorites.

So delicious that I have to make a second (or even a third) visit:

Grimaldi's Pizza - Two of us finished an enormous pizza on my first visit, and to be honest, I ate about two-thirds of it. I might visit Grimaldi's in conjunction with a stop at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory which was closed last time. I'm not convinced that back-to-back eats is the wisest move, but I'll walk across the bridge afterwards to make sure I'm still mobile.

Lady M - I treated myself to an extravagant afternoon of coffee and cake here. Not only is the Mille Crepes cake divine, but they steam the milk that accompanies the coffee. It is true that I walked by the shop at first because I mistook it for a boutique. It is also true that a woman seated at the neighboring table was wearing a fur coat and all sorts of sparkly baubles.

Veselka - My dear friend took me here on a wintry night where I had my first taste of pierogies. I can't quite decide which ones I like best so I'll probably get an assortment and then lament that I can't try anything else on the menu. I also sampled my first black and white cookie here. So wintry was the night that walking home, we had to hang onto each other for fear of blowing away in the blizzard that chose to bear down upon the city just at that moment. The airports closing for a day on account of the snow was a good excuse for me to extend my trip and continue my jaunt through the city's eateries.

Murray's Bagels - I'll probably upset some folks who have certain bagel loyalties, but I will say that this fine establishment won last year's Bialy Challenge, a very serious contest my family conducted. On my last morning in New York I visited H&H, Ess-a Bagel, and Murray's to grab an assortment of bialys. Six hours later in California, we did blind tastings of each. Murray's was the clear winner.

71 Irving Place - One morning, particularly pleased with myself that I'd been able to give a random person in the street directions on how to get to 5th Ave, I failed to watch where I was going and fell down the three steps leading to this wonderfully cozy cafe. Since the door is made of glass, I had quite an audience. Embarrassed perhaps, but not about to give up my morning cup, I dusted myself off and walked boldly to the counter.

Zabar's - This place makes me want to cook, something I don't usually do while travelling. We brunched on their spectacular potato-onion knish, chicken noodle soup, and whitefish salad. This time though, I'm headed straight for the whitefish, sans salad.

Next time: Places I've heard about, read about, or even dreamt(!) about


Blogger Renée said...

Go to Alice's Teacup if you get a chance!

I've just learned that they've got a new location, so the next time I'm in New York, I'm going to have to try both and compare ambience. Their west 73rd street location is quirky and charming! It's perfect for tea, obviously, but they also serve good food if you want to make a meal out of it.

3:03 AM  
Blogger Charles said...

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2:34 PM  
Blogger Charles said...

(Sorry realized I had a typo in the original) Hmmm, I have to say the Ukrainian Beer at Veselka was an interesting experience, and I do like the Belgian Friteur down the street. But I'm going to get you out of Manhattan and into Brooklyn and Park Slope to Beso, a fantastic brunch place with incredible juices and yucca hash browns. ( If you plan to go, then I will set you up with some incredible hosts who live in the neighborhood. Their presence is mandatory if you go.

2:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So excited for you to be in town... Thoughts on fun restaurants to try:
Cafe Sabarsky (yummy Viennese coffee shop with to die for sacher torte).
Franny's (unbelievably good brooklyn pizza... they cure their own meat & also make a damn-good panna cotta).
Caracas (yummy Venezuelan food).
Applewood (AMAZING Bklyn food).

More to come...

9:48 PM  

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