Saturday, September 16, 2006

Three is the Magic Number

I seem to be doing about as well as the Raiders in their Commitment to Excellence. I had three desserts on Thursday. I bet you would too if this were your menu:

Mango Mousse with Coconut Cream
I had the good fortune to show up on one of mom's "experiment in the kitchen days" so I was able to sample one of her prototypes. Served in antique Italian glassware, the mouse was delicate and fragrant. I did express a preference to go without the coconut cream next time which reflects my own bias against coconut. Though the combination worked, the coconut overwhelmed the delicious late-season mango flavor.

Ice Cream Sundaes
S decided to have a welcome home party for houseplant and that the gathering featured ice cream was secondary. Okay, it wasn't secondary since she actually asked her guests to send ice cream flavor suggestions. Gracious hostess that she is, Everything But The... appeared at the table, as did freshly baked brownies. Of course this combination screamed brownie sundae to my already happy tummy. Yummy.

Berry Parfaits
I originally called EA to see if she was free for dinner. Instead she invited me over to her Pride & Prejudice dessert party (aka Colin Firth-a-thon). She whipped up delicious honey yogurt parfaits and served them in an assortment of beautiful stemware. This is definitely the most healthy dessert of the bunch, but by no means the least tasty!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had fun the other night! It was indeed delicious. Don't forget to mention your friend S. when your food blog catches on and you're suddenly famous. ;-)

10:32 AM  

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