Wednesday, September 13, 2006

we came we saw we slammed

The night before Slamfest 2006 the host sent an e-mail "preview" of the biscuits and captioned the display:

"I almost shed a tear it's so beautiful"

And for the first time I saw the rumored-to-exist Arnott's, which according to Jem taste exactly like TimTams. She called me from Cost Plus when she found the Double Coat(!) and Caramel and yes, Original. It was a great phone call.

Back at Slamfest 2006, host CW started the festivities by leading the uninitiated in the art of slamming. There was a "slamming table" - slamming in the sense that it had helpful directions printed on a page and also because chocolate of all kinds ringed around the star attraction. For me it was a coffee and Chewy Caramel kind of day - the very best kind.

P.S. For the life of me I cannot find the word for "slam" in Latin - those Romans sure missed out!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yes. I couldn't bear to eat FOUR packs of the "Arnott's" alone, so as you know, I have proceeded to give them away. Much like a drug dealer trying to hook in a new set of recruits. Oh yes. They will all succumb.

3:46 PM  
Blogger Kate Diamond said...

But weren't the Romans the ones who would eat until they were physically ill, have a servant tickle their throats with a feather so they could disgorge their food, and then start all over?

Whatever it was called, that sounds like the ultimate slamfest to me!

And now I'm craving Timtams, even though I've never tasted one...

4:34 AM  
Blogger erica said...

I do recall a lovely "cheesecake" that qualified as a final project, so I shall forgive the Romans for their other culinary sins...

When I finally get myself to Cost Plus, you too shall have Tim Tams, Kate D. I think you're what Jem would call a "new recruit."

4:07 PM  

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