Monday, October 02, 2006

Call Me a Creature of Habit

I think I've been to Quiznos twice a week for the past month.

And I've only tried two things on the menu.

I sheepishly admit that the only reason I deviated from the Roasted Chicken with Honey Mustard Salad on one occasion was because the person working behind the counter was about to anticipate my order and I felt like being witty and fresh and unpredictable. And so I ordered the Classic Cobb. The thrill of spontaneous decision-making!

For someone who loves to eat all sorts of things and who takes great delight in trying new things, I'm curiously a girl of habit. Quiznos is a function of convenience. It's on the way from Point A to Point B, and since Point B usually entails me being late and having to take notes at at meeting, the salad is a non-fussy, filling way to be present without being disruptive. Or so I think. I have been known to drop salad all over the place, to have my salad spill all over my bag, and other inelegant happenings do take place from time to time, but at least it's a predictable kind of mess.

And yes, I fully realize the irony in going to a sandwich shop and failing to order a sandwich.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ummm, toasty, guess that tag line doesn't work on a salad though..

Quiznos is you a Colorado company. Yeah!

Posting anonymous, but you can guess (easily)

9:28 AM  
Blogger RenĂ©e said...

Ha ha ha! I'm exactly the same way. My first sandwich at Potbellies was the "Italian," and I've never tried another one. The most I'll do is switch between white and wheat bread.

1:00 AM  

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