Saturday, October 07, 2006


I paid a visit to the farmer's market this morning and during my first turn 'round the market sampled all the heirloom tomatoes available. I was quickly seduced by a particular group of Brandywines that had the most winning flavor and decided it was worth splurging for them. Then my eye fell upon a bunch of purple carrots just as I was preparing to pay. As I later learned, these were Purple Dragon carrots whose skin hid a surprisingly bright orange interior. After the sample of the crunchiness won over my taste buds, I decided that these too were worth a splurge. (For the record, they taste like carrots, but earthy and with an extra sweetness.) And then I started chatting up the grower about the other varieties of baby carrots he had on hand, and since my family's weakness for steamed baby carrots renders us into Bugs Bunny wannabes, I ended up with not only the Purple Dragons, but white, golden Kinbi, standard orange, and some pink-purple Japanese variety. And to top off a great morning at the market, I snapped up pounds and pounds of english peas which I happily shelled and am snacking upon as I type.

When I got home I decided it wouldn't hurt to arrange everything into a centerpiece (preparing for Thanksgiving) though I'm fairly certain that none of these items will be around in late November...


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