Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dream Sequence

The last time I was in New York I very nearly went to Gotham, but in the end my friend chose Fleur de Sel, which was cozy, chic, and had a lovely three-course lunch special. Everything was very dramatically presented on plates dotted with basil and berry and balsamic extracts. I can only imagine how many little squeeze bottles littered the kitchen. As we walked out the door after our leisurely meal, the waiter handed us individually-packed butter biscuits, homemade no less. What a way to make an impression!

Later that afternoon, curious about the meal that could have been, I took a detour just so I could walk by Gotham, which for all I knew might have been the Batcave or some such nonsense. It was cavernous, but not intimidating. Some months later I woke up from a refreshing sleep with the fragments of a dream floating in my mind. I'd been eating somewhere familiar in my dream and it took me ages to sort through the haze, but I finally concluded my dream dinner (literally) took place at Gotham. I think I'm adding it to my NYC list. If not for dinner, then certainly for lunch. Hoping reality lives up to the dream.


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