Sunday, October 08, 2006

An Egg Mystery

On a whim, I ordered two eggs scrambled because Woohoo said they were "fluffy" at this particular brunch place. They were fluffy indeed, but I can't figure out how they came to be that way. Unlike normal scrambled eggs, these did not appear scrambled. On my plate was a smooth round disk of scrambled eggs. There was no browning, no skin, and definitely a bit of grease. The eggs were indeed fluffy, but in the absence of tell-tale scrambling marks, I wonder if the eggs were:

A. Microwaved - seems like a lot of trouble for a pretty hopping cafe
B. Baked - there was no skin on the eggs and no browning
C. Steamed - there was a lot of grease on the surface of the disk

I'm sure there was cream or full milk in the mix to enhance the eggs, which were quite good, though oddly presented. And still a mystery.


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