Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fall Festivals: Evening Edition

I got an e-mail from EA inviting me to meet up with her for a night out at the Italian festival which promised food and entertainment. It was supposed to be a cold night, but she very charmingly (and knowingly) ended her e-mail with "yes, I did use the allure of food to get you there." She knows me well.

California fall is 60 degrees in the evening, hardly brisk, but noticeable if you're eating cappuccino chip gelato. We had to depart shortly thereafter since everyone in the group had pretty much turned into a popsicle. But prior to that, I had a delicious moment (or perhaps there were multiple moments) of eggplant sandwich or meatball sandwich? Penne pasta or ravioli? Cannoli or stromboli? Fried this or fried that? I ended up skipping the fried stuff and instead delighted in a lovely meatball sandwich...and ravioli. All eaten while standing, at times while standing and watching the dance contest. It may have been a cold night, but there were only warm fuzzies while eating and hanging out with friends.


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