Sunday, October 22, 2006

reason to do a happy dance

I was browsing at a local bookshop looking for nothing in particular when my eye fell upon The Murray's Cheese Handbook, a skinny yellow book that had me practically dancing in the aisles a few minutes later. Only my inability to read while simultaneously dancing stopped me.

I chanced upon Murray's Cheese in Greenwich Village last year and was filled with instant regret that I couldn't sample many of the exotic goods hidden in their aging room. It's a fantastic little store with wonderful treasures. Now I can study up before my next visit. Whereas many cheese primers feature glossy, though not terribly descriptive pictures, this one categorizes tastes by country and milk to name a few, and even features a list of "Sexiest Cheeses." I tested the primer by looking up a some of my favorites, Cowgirl Creamy Mt. Tam and Rogue Creamery Oregon Blue to be specific, and found a description and story to accompany each. There's also a crash course in cheese terminology and craft. My cheese exploration thus far has been limited to random things I read about and the nose test, which has made for a lovely journey through the cheese counter, but I'm ready to give my tastings a bit more focus. I think I've found just the guide.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's also a cheese encyclopedia published by Artisanal (a yummy cheese restaurant in NY) - it's quite beautiful; I bought Mark a copy for Christmas last year, and he read it cover to cover. Speaking of... when you're in NY, we should go to Artisanal for fondue!

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