Thursday, July 27, 2006

Cookie Karma

I unsuccessfully attempted to chase down wattleseed at the shops this evening. Thursday is late night shopping here, meaning things close at 9PM rather than the usual 6PM. Made my way to the beautiful food court at David Jones - think of the Harrods food court, but on a slightly smaller, more modern scale (and sadly without the tea bar). CW had written me about wattleseed - ground up acacia seeds originally used by Australian Aborigines. Described variously as smokey, chocolaty, and almost coffee flavored, the most recent trend appears to mixing it in with flour when preparing a variety of baked goods. No luck finding wattleseed itself, but I did happen upon wattleseed anzac biscuits which were crisp and highly enjoyable. What I noticed most was a pleasing caramel note followed by a smokey finish.

And now that I sit here reading recipes for anzac biscuits, I'm pretty convinced that those are what the wonderful woman living next door to my grandparents spoiled me with as a kid. It drove me crazy that I'd never asked and that she'd moved away last time I visited. Time for some kitchen play...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does this mean no wattleseed is coming my way? :( you'll have to dish some more about the fresh pan fried octopus of Sydney Harbor Fish Market instead. -cw

12:59 AM  

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