Monday, July 24, 2006

The Seven Slamming Flavors (and one that can't be slammed)

I finally tried all the flavors! Time for a review...

Original - It's lucky for me that I can actually get my hands on these in the States, because the Original Tim Tam remains my favorite. And they can also be purchased individually wrapped which makes Tim Tams on the go a reality. I love simplicity. These are simply delicious.

Double Coat - I thought the Original had the perfect biscuit-to-chocolate coat ratio, but somehow Double Coat works too. They're a bit bulky for slamming, but really good as a snack. Or breakfast.

Chewy Caramel - These are tops for slamming. The caramel melts into a gooey mess, but isn't that why we have napkins?

Creamy Truffle Temptation - The biscuit part of these are more chocolaty than the Original which is not a bad thing. In fact, it's good.

Black Forest Fantasy - A cheap way to turn a latte into a flavored mocha.

Dark Chocolate - I usually favor dark over milk chocolate, so it was with great disappointment that I sampled these and noted an icky aftertaste. Call me picky.

Latte - Though I adore coffee, I find these too sweet. My first Tim Tam was a Latte, but I doubt I'll revisit these anytime soon.

Tim Tam Balls - These don't deserve to be called Tim Tams. They're round and can't be slammed. End story.


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Still waiting for my Tim Tams!

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