Sunday, July 23, 2006

Chocolate Stops

Penguin says "If you listen carefully you can hear me getting fatter."

Penguin, Jem, Sly and I hit up Paddington Market today for some last minute souvenir shopping, but not before we detoured to William's Chocolate on what else, William Street. Mango Penguins, Orange Koalas and Chocolate Dolphins were a great afternoon snack. We followed that up with a visit to Delicaseys and sampled the latte chocolate (dark chocolate with flecks of ground espresso beans) and quite possibly the best hazelnut chocolate clusters I've ever had. Roasted to a dark caramel color, the hazelnuts snapped in crunchy, flavorful manner, and though the bag said we had 16 days in which to finish our treats, we finished them in 16 minutes. And then we discovered Chilli Bark. At first taste it was merely a very smooth dark chocolate. And then the slow burn began...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

E, we had 16 WEEKS to finish the hazelnut chocolates... Uh, but I believe we took 16 seconds to complete the feat.

9:56 PM  

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