Friday, November 03, 2006

More Bad Planning

I appreciate someone who organizes a large group dinner and who even works with the restaurant ahead of time to put together a menu with limited choices. It really helps to keep dinner moving. I was especially excited that a recent menu included three courses, all of which were an "either or" or in the case of the main course, "either or either or either or either." I finally settled upon the braised lamb shank. It was our first serious rain of the season and the restaurant had a cozy harvest feel. I wanted a hearty meal. And that's what I got, from the creaminess of the Caesar dressing to the massive dish of lamb accompanied by spinach (hooray!) and sweet potato gnocchi, to the final course, that proved my undoing. An overly-generous slice of German Chocolate Cake totalling three layers of cake and three layers of coconut, with an ice cream-filled tuile on the side, as if the cake wasn't challenge enough. I'd reached my limit. After five bites of cake there was nothing else to do but put an end to the eating. I really should have planned my meals better that day. It's hard to justify abandoned chocolate cake, even if lunch involved a cheeseburger and curly fries.


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