Sunday, March 11, 2007


A very lazy day morphed into lunch at 2:30. Famished as we were, Renee and I ordered ourselves a generous spread - hummus, shawarma, feta fritters, spinach pie and beautiful, beautiful eggplant. I was so hungry that I dispensed with photo niceties and just started eating as the food arrived. And then suddenly I was full. Not ordinary full, but full in the "I want to take a nap right now at the table" kind of way. We paid our bill and departed the lovely Lebanese Taverna. Renee helpfully offered the "maybe you're jetlagged" theory, but at 4PM even I couldn't justify that excuse. There wasn't even cold weather to wake me from my food coma.

We staggered through Adams Morgan and stopped briefly (okay, more than briefly) to watch the human iditarod. I was by this time looking for coffee. The rule. No Starbucks. No Caribou Coffee. I wanted a local cup. And then we came upon the mysteriously open Larry's Ice Cream. New plan. Forget the coffee. Eat ice cream. The flavors were terribly descriptive - Key West, Ecstasy, Paradiso - luckily for us there was also a cheat sheet posted that demystified the flavors. After much deliberation, I settled upon Paradiso (raspberry with a chocolate ribbon) and Mocha Chip. Delightful. We walked down the street with our afternoon sweets. Somehow I wasn't so full and sleepy anymore.

My last day in DC it was snowing and I was cold. And yet, I headed towards Larry's in hopes that there was more ice cream to be had, but alas, it was closed. So much for ice cream redux.


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