Friday, April 27, 2007

Fire It Up!

True phone call...

Me: Uh, Mom. Remember how you told me to finish the ribs in the oven?
Mom: Yes, did you put them in the broiler like I told you?
Me: About that. They're on fire.
Mom: WHAT?!

I was finishing a slab of ribs in the oven. I'd left the door slightly ajar as instructed. It was the first time I'd used this particular broiler. I guess I misjudged its firepower. My dinner burst into flames.


Blogger Mary said...

I very much loved reading your cooking disasters. When I was teaching myself to cook, I made blintzes that actually made me ill -- have not made them since. I remember my mother one time was making chile con carne and grabbed the cinnamon instead of the chile powder -- the results turned into a family story.

6:59 AM  
Blogger erica said...

Thanks so much! Amish Friendship Bread, which I got from Julia, would have been my 6th disaster. After baking several loaves I remember forgetting to tend to the starter for a week - quite the mess! With any luck, there are many messes to come in my cooking endeavors...

2:25 AM  

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