Friday, April 20, 2007

Toasty Treats

Sometimes I forget how great simple things are. Like a loaf of bread.

I'm usually loath to buy an entire loaf because I can't finish it before it gets stale. After a few slices of toast I'm breaded out. In a fit of conservation I'll usually freeze the rest of the loaf, only to have it reappear months later heavily frosted, still edible, but without the fresh bread breadiness that I so adore. And I'm not a heavy user of breadcrumbs so there's no further recycling to be done.

So this week, home with a fresh loaf of buttermilk bread, I embarked upon a series of toast treats. Of course, I did sneak in a few plain slices straight from the bag that were delicious, but for the rest, a toaster was essential.

Day 1: Cheese and Toast
Toast a slice. Shave thin slices of sharp white cheddar onto the toast. Toast again, but for less time. This might be my favorite new snack.

Day 2: Toast with Peanut Butter
The usual bread shortage has me resorting to crackers and peanut butter on most days, but to be honest, my PB consumption has been down for a while. So low that there's wasn't even an open jar in the house. With my newly opened jar of Crunch Time, I slathered it onto my very crispy toast for a nice snack. And then I discovered that it's even more fun to eat when the toast is cut into thin one inch wedges.

Day 3: Fake Panini
Prepare two slices of Cheese and Toast. Layer with turkey, tomatoes and other sandwich fixings. Smush the mess together and eat.

Day 4: Tea and Toast
Something about toast conjures up images of Britain. Brew a strong cup of black tea and add a dash of milk. Toast up some bread and slather with jam. I actually skipped the jam step because there wasn't any in the house. I settled for peanut butter and honey instead.

Day 5: Return to store for more bread. Who knew an entire loaf could disappear so quickly?


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