Sunday, May 13, 2007

Curious How Meals Happen

I had dinner before I got on the plane Friday night. At about midnight, they served a full-on dinner on our flight. It was yummy. I applaud Quantas. And then I alternately slept and pretended to sleep for hours upon hours during which they offered hot chocolate and apples as snacks (sadly no ice cream). And at about 4AM Sydney time, two hours before we landed on Sunday, it was breakfast.

What have I done since I got here? First order of business - more brekkie. Poached eggs on toast and a beautiful flat white. Walking over to The Rocks, the only thought I could concentrate on was coffee. And it did the trick and kept me going on my walk about the city for the next six hours during which I scoped out my dinner spot and celebrated the warm fall weather (this is a strange place) with a passion fruit sorbet and getting sunburned.

I'm hungry. Off to eat.


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