Monday, August 13, 2007

Still Don't Get It

I'm the only person I've met who isn't wildly, passionately, crazily in love with Beard Papa's. It was with enormously high expectations that I visited my first shop in New York on Carmine Street two years ago. Only two doors down my my favorite pizza place, I was expecting greatness and instead found, well, just a pastry. I ordered the original vanilla cream puff and quite enjoyed watching it come into being. However, it didn't meet my expectations, and I immediately realized why. I concluded that my very specific image of a cream puff was different than the Beard Papa's version, and for that, I penalized what was a nice pastry, but in my mind, distinctly not a cream puff. While the vanilla cream was commendable since it was rich and flavorful, I found it out of place in the world of cream puffs, in which I expect freshly whipped cream. The vanilla cream struck me as more of an eclair filing (which must be ovals and not circles). And the shell itself was too crispy. I missed the chewiness of a traditional choux pastry.

Two years later, after listening to many more people swoon over Beard Papa's, and overcome by hunger today just steps from another shop, I gave the vanilla cream puff another go. My opinion, formed two years ago, still stands. Nice pastry, not a cream puff.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed! They're not bad, but nothing special. The vanilla admittedly are better than the chocolate.

Still, they're less overhyped than Pinkberry (you never blogged if you got to one back East... since you don't get to LA!).

3:44 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

A jibe at the Pinkberry! I am writing a response, and have called in reinforcements to help. But thank you for your comments...thank goodness we're old friends!

12:56 AM  

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