Saturday, June 07, 2008

All of the Above

That would be the right answer.

All of these peanut butter sandwich incidents happened within the span of a month. Blaming a sandwich for tardiness may seem excessive, but it's true.

Why I Was Late For My Exam

Because I had to finish my peanut butter sandwich. There was a multitude of time separating me from exam time. Knowing that writing exams makes me beyond hungry, I like to make sure I've eaten properly before I arrive for such events. Why I insisted upon eating before I left the house rather than en route I cannot explain, but after struggling to finish the sandwich, I bolted to the car and promptly got stuck in traffic. Watching the clock with growing dread, I finally arrived and literally ran to my exam just in time to hear the proctor announce "you may begin."

And yes, I was famished by the time I finished writing the exam.

Why I Almost Missed My Train

Because I had to make a peanut butter sandwich. Having learned from my previous mistake of eating before leaving the house, I've since resorted to bringing the sandwich with me to my destination. Unfortunately, wrestling with bread and peanut butter in the morning can be a bit trying. While natural peanut butter and non floppy bread make sandwich assembly much easier, a poorly planned morning does not. Which is how I found myself running to the train platform hoping that the gate wouldn't come down before I had crossed the tracks.

What Is A Gold Level Sponsor?

A summer of studying means a summer of sponsorship, and certain snacks have made the list. PB, while magnificent, has not yet attained platinum level status, but it might. At the moment, a jar of creamy organic and crunchy (not organic) sit in the pantry at the ready for my peanut butter sandwich needs. Happily, I have found that making a sandwich the night before compromises neither sandwich quality nor my ability to get to my destination on time.


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