Thursday, July 17, 2008

I totally thought it was a joke.

Frozen yogurt and sunglasses? It's an unlikely pairing, but ultimately sort of brilliant. When a friend told me about San Mateo's newest yogurt addition, I just couldn't envision it. On a recent evening I finally visited the shop and discovered that it was all mirrors and chrome. Stylish, if pricey frames decorate one wall, and when you get sick of browsing the myriad of shapes there's yogurt. Lots of it. The tart yogurt was so cold that it froze the raspberries into crunchy fruit nibs. Whereas other yogurt shops attempt to balance tiny portions of toppings on top of tiny servings of yogurt, the folks here heap yogurt into a gigantic cup, throw toppings on top of the first serve, and then heap more yogurt into the cup with a follow-up of more toppings. Their smallest size is a large, and for the daring there's ultimate. Perplexed (and admittedly delighted) by the gigantic yogurt serves, I somehow managed to polish off the entire cup. Was it the conversation? The people watching? I'll only find out with a return visit.


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