Monday, June 16, 2008

More Sweet Treats from Portland

Because I haven't anything else to show for my trip besides my memories of delicious savory treats.

Here's how it usually went. Very hungry, I arrive at an eating establishment and order delicious items from menu. Delicious items arrive and I'm so famished (or in such a dimly lit place that photography is out of the question without blinding nearby patrons) that I just start eating. After about three bites I remember I might want to share a photo of deliciousness with friends. I weigh the merits of a half eaten duck leg or nearly polished-off saddle of rabbit against the oddity of post photos containing bite marks. Do I really want people to think I'm writing a vampire blog? Nah.

Contrary to what you might think, that's strawberry sauce on the plate, and not, uh, vampire food.

The cassata at Papa Haydn's satisfied my intense cake craving that plagued me for an entire day of my Portland visit. Kahlua - yay! Espresso - yay! Sponge cake soaked in both - triple yay! With a chocolate-ricotta filling and strawberry sauce, it made for a pretty nice slice. Did I mention I requested the dessert menu with my dinner menu? The waiter laughed, then listed his menu favorites.

Finally, there's Cupcake Jones. Though I've yet to find a cupcake on the West Coast that matches the splendor or the ones I've sampled in New York (and yes, I know there are many who find the NY cupcake scene overrated, but I've found the West Coast scene so pathetic that I don't even try cupcakes here anymore), I had to try Cupcake Jones because of the novelty they sell - filled cupcakes. The menu changes every month, and every day at that. After indulging in a few samples and checking out the case where one could see a cross section of the day's varieties, I settled upon the peanut butter cup, which featured a chocolate cupcake with a chocolate ganache center, and peanut butter frosting. While sweet, it was a familiar and delicious combination. I even enjoyed the frosting. In fact, it may have been my favorite part.


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