Thursday, July 27, 2006

Scandal in the Land of Arnott?

First off, a correction. I've been eating a packet of Tim Tams a week, not a box. When I made the box declaration to my co-workers, they stared at me like I was about to drop dead. And I see why, considering a box of Tim Tams contains something like 30 packets, so we're talking about nearly 300 biscuits. Cross-cultural difficulties. But I digress.

Swan tipped me off to some obscure trivia about Tim Tams. That a packet of Original Tim Tams contains ten biscuits, which is one more than you'd find in a packet of another flavor, even though the packets are of the same size and shape. Strange, yes. But I can accept that the Originals are sleeker than their flavored counterparts and can thus be squished into the packets in tens.

More mysterious though, is the rumor that despite the Caramel packets announcing they contain nine biscuits, there are only eight to be found within. I have yet to verify this mystery, but rest assured that I will upon my return to Oz. I was tempted to drop by the store today, but even I consider it bad form to tear through a packet of Tim Tams in a two days, which is all that's left between me and the land of many sheep. Baaaah.


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