Sunday, August 20, 2006

Six Times and Counting

Each time I'm in Oz I try Vegemite as a matter of course, willing, hoping, deluding myself into thinking that I might actually like it, as if by magic I'll discover something wonderful about this vile product. And then I crunch down upon the toast and issue an unceremonious "bleh." Andrew tells me the key is thick toast, lots of butter, and just a thin, thin, thin layer of Vegemite. I'll try that next time.

For now, I'll just sing about Vegemite sandwiches and let others eat them.


Blogger Charles said...

You know I share your exact sentiment on Vegemite, I use to argue (perhaps too strong a word for the disagreement) with my ex-GF about this, who from Oz seem to have a mandatory affinity for the stuff. She explained that it was in the butter, and with it, it was quite tasty. I never could get the right ratio, 1:1, 1:2, 1:10, 1:100, it just never worked. Oddly I don't mind Marmite that much. What is interesting is that the big disagreement she had about my taste was my liking Dr. Pepper, which she could never handle. -cw

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