Sunday, March 25, 2007


In honor of hot summer nights and because I don't do well in humid climes, I'm creating an ice cream itinerary for my first non-winter trip to New York.

Frozen yogurt meets gelato. I can't quite put this together in my mind.

Technically a west coast thing, but since I rarely get to thatpartofthestate I'll have to settle for an east coast introduction.

Tasty D-Lite
I always walk by the stores and then chicken out because it's just too cold for icy treats. Not this time.

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
This might be motivation to get out of Manhattan. I was once there, but it was closed. I'll call ahead this time.

5 Boroughs Ice Cream
There's a flavor named Staten Island Landfill. And it sounds delicious.

BONUS: Not-So-Frozen Treats (if I'm not already sugared-out...)

Once Upon a Tart


Blogger longbow said...

Last summer I walked from my sister's place at 24th and 6th ave to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (had to wait for it to open!). It was very good but not supercheap as indicated on the Food Network. Worth a walk over the bridge if your touristing in NYC.

Also, I tried Ronnybrook farms dairy in the Chelsea market at my sis's suggestion and that was pretty good.

2:30 AM  
Blogger Lily said...

did you try buttercup? i was sorely disappointed. their cookbook is so much better. my best nyc muffin was from babycakes nyc, a vegan bakery ... which is soon opening a branch in LA! yippee!

annie and i hit up chikalicious ... three bajillion thumbs up! super-cute, yummy dessert and wines :)

1:23 PM  

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