Saturday, November 10, 2007

An Apprentice Still

After we'd brainstormed Thanksgiving Pies, Chef and I got into a debate about cheffing duties. I always maintain that Thanksgiving is a collaborative process. As an apprentice, I've been learning about all the Thanksgiving dishes at once. But Chef decided it was time to test my knowledge and see if I'd made any progress. And so, in the middle of dinner, just after I'd taken another delicious bite of linguine and duck confit, the question came, "How do you make the stuffing?" Since this is a super secret family recipe, my first thought was, "We're in a public place. If I recite the recipe, anyone else could hear it and the secret might not be a secret anymore." Than again, it was so loud, and people were so engrossed in their oversized bowls of (delightful) french fries, I decided it was probably safe to proceed. With a few hiccups here and there and a few telltale raised eyebrows on Chef's part, I managed to narrate the process of making the stuffing. So I think it's mine to make this year. An apprentice still, but officially tasked with one dish.


Blogger Darcy said...

Gee, I wonder if I'll be making anything (savory) this year. By contrast, in our family, it's more that my mom would probably like to give up some of the cheffing duties, except I've been more interested in making pies or candied cranberries than making stuffing, since then I might always have to do it, and she does it so well.

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