Saturday, July 29, 2006

Cereal Serial

I first came across Weetabix in Perth a few years back. I distinctly remember pouring milk over two flat wheaty biscuits and quite enjoying the whole endeavor. It was an eating experience that evolved with each bite, from crunchy to progressive mushiness. And then I forgot all about the weird cereal until I crossed paths with it in London, and loved it so much that I brought a box home with me.

If you asked what these fine biscuits taste like, my first thought would be cardboard, but seeing as I've not actually eaten any paper products of late, that would be inaccurate. Let's go with toasted oatmeal - basically bland. And yet it's curiously distinct. The US version, which is imported from Canada, just isn't the same as the original. And so I've been starting most of my days here with this not-exotic, but very much missed cereal.

Being a fan of local products, I had to try the Aussie version - Vita Brits. The corners are squared off and the biscuits more densely packed than their British cousin. I had two and felt like I couldn't eat for a week. Winner: Weetabix.

Total aside, but for those who prefer a little sweet with their cardboard, the Honey-crunch Weetabix variety are excellent.


Blogger RenĂ©e said...

I've just discovered Shredded Wheat myself, of the non-frosted variety, which also tastes like cardboard. Yet somehow, I like it -I think this means I'm an adult now. So sad.

But adding blueberries helps!

2:55 AM  

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