Monday, August 21, 2006


I finally made it to one of my favorite haunts this evening - Henry's - for my long-awaited Mexican food fix! Knowing that I was likely to be disappointed, I'd refused to sample the Aussie and NZ interpretations of this fine cuisine. And how I craved it!

They cook everything to order which makes for a sometimes lengthy wait time, but that's quickly forgotten when the piping hot dishes arrive. Sitting on the sidewalk (at a table today, though honestly I would have eaten on the pavement if that's what it came to) with my delicious chile verde burrito, I finally felt like I was home. And then there were the freshly made (read: fried) chips and their delightful red salsa to round out my feast. Yes, I was in a food coma afterwards, but it was worth every bite!

Henry's - 787 Franklin Street, Santa Clara


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I've decided to learn how to make tamales. They have become my all-time favorite food lately, and I have visions of filling my freezer with a supply to last me for months. Too bad I share a freezer with three other people, one of whom only eats frozen dinners. Sigh.

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