Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I hadn't seen D in an entire year, so it was with great delight that we met up this weekend for some falafel and San Jose tourism. As usual, we planned our next Day of Eating, even while we sat polishing off a delicious dish of hummus. Berkeley brings out my ambitious self. The problem is, as much as I like trying new places, there are also places I adore and want to revisit. This doesn't work well for a day. Soon I suspect it will be a Weekend of Eating. Or a Week of Eating. On my last visit, before meeting up with friends at Zachary's Pizza for dinner, I very nearly had a two-pizza day, because D's suggestion was to lunch at Cheeseboard Pizza. Sadly the last pies had already sold out by the time we arrived, so we had even more fun selecting a couple cheeses and a crusty baguette from the Cheeseboard itself, and a merry picnic on the grassy median followed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

May favorite quote on pizza and Thanksgiving, from 'Friends'
Joey: (reacting to Monica's decision to not cook a bird this year) You can't have Thanksgiving without turkey! That's like Fourth of July without apple pie, or Friday with no two pizzas.

Ah, the memories of my mid-20s and those wonderful, wonderful coupons to help fill the empty weekend evenings

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