Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I think we've managed to simplify Thanksgiving this year. For one thing, there's no spreadsheet. Perhaps it's the fact that we've done this so many times. Or that we're having the meal at a house where it's not BYO dinner plates and stemware (yes, that would have been my house). I called Chef last night to see what else there was to do, and curiously, it's just shopping and cooking. Well, that and I've been tasked by the Baker to query my friends on their pie preferences. It's a party of eight this year, with one celebrating a birthday, so I suppose one will be the Birthday Pie. Someone else requested Crazy Custard Pie. I can't live without Cranberry-Nut Pudding. And Chef and I squabbled over whether Pecan or Apple would make the better fourth. I think we're trying to keep our ratio at 2:1. We shall see.


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