Thursday, November 16, 2006

Yes, it's just 7 days away!

I assembled place cards for Thanksgiving. This is a new thing and totally gratuitous since we're all friends, but while shopping with Holland, I spotted a turkey place card kit that we both agreed needed a home. Specifically, at our Thanksgiving table. After a lot of cutting and gluing I had on hand eight little construction paper turkeys. The project made me realize that my dexterity is not much improved from when I was five. Nor is my penmanship. Still, I went to sleep happy and with a parade of paper turkeys on my desk.

Cut to the next morning, when I evaluated said cross-eyed turkeys. They're quite large for place cards. To be honest, they would very comfortably serve as coasters, and if at Thanksgiving we used salad plates rather than oversized buffet plates, they might even qualify as mini-place mats. They are also brown and red and gold and white and yellow. Harvest colors, but bright. Like their wild cousins, these turkeys are not subtle. I started to wonder whether they would clash with the tablecloth, or the centerpiece, or worse yet, if they would just look weird since we tend towards grow-up elegant and not three-year old birthday party chic at our dinner.

Will report back next week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Adorable! If you find that you ultimately have no use for large paper turkeys, I would happily accept a handwritten card in the shape of a turkey... hehe. I can't wait until Thanksgiving!

8:46 AM  

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