Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bring on the Sauce

While at Safeway I decided to pick up the cranberry sauce for Thursday's meal. After I wandered the aisles for a while trying to figure out where this fine product might be, I found myself standing before the Canned Fruit section and happily, the whole berry sauce was plentiful. It was on the top shelf, but I managed to grab a can. But where was the jellied variety?

I resorted to reading the tags along the shelf, and to my horror, where the Ocean Spray Jellied was supposed to be, there was instead a gapingly empty shelf. Was the store really out of cranberry sauce mere days before Thanksgiving? In my blind panic I didn't think that question through, or at all, and though the aisle had at least six shoppers (well-adjusted people by the looks of them), my consternation about the missing sauce compelled me to do what any vertically challenged person does when confronted by a cranberry sauce shortage. I jumped up in hopes of catching a glimpse of one last can lurking in the depths of the shelf. In truth, I jumped several times because it takes coordination to scan a dark shelf while hurling oneself upwards. This went on for about a minute.

And then my rational self kicked-in, possibly on account of the well-adjusted peoples' strange looks. I asked myself, "Is the store really out of cranberry sauce when Thanksgiving is this Thursday? I think not. There must be an Ocean Spray display somewhere."

I found a display of whole berry and jellied cans. I bought one of each. I'm sure I scared some shoppers in the process.


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