Saturday, August 05, 2006

Minus 6 at Minus 5

Food and drink are usually linked. Queenstown seems to focus more on drink than food, which is why we paid a visit to Minus 5. Literally an ice bar, the walls, the seating, the bar, and even the glasses are made of ice. And then there are the ice sculptures. How do they keep the whole enterprise from melting away? By keeping it at minus 5 degrees. Apparently it fluctuates, and so we enjoyed the minus 6 degree environ for a whole 30 minutes, swathed in parkas complete with furry hoods, thoughtfully provided by the bar. The menu? Colorful vodka cocktails served in tumblers made of ice. A bit slippery at times, but it would be safe to call the experience cool.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha, awesome. We were trying to go there in Sydney, but never did. Very cool indeed.

7:36 AM  

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